You Have To Know The Details About Erection Disorders Before You Can Take Care Of It

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Have you learnt that one out of ten of the male population is experiencing ED? Luckily today the remedies are less complicated to accomplish than in the previous years and you can be sexually active again.

The health society has classified Erection disorder as a continual failure to produce and sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse even if the man is aroused. It is not ED provided this problem is sporadic but once it happens to be a frequent problem.

There are numerous issues which precipitate Erectile dysfunction. To a large extent it is a deficit of adequate supply of blood into the pelvic area that results in a feeble erection. In normal conditions, arteries convey blood into the soft tissue of the penis and retain it here until the man ejaculates. Any inhibition in this stream of blood will give you Erection disorder.

Every man is a likely sufferer of Erectile dysfunction although some men are more prone to have problems with it than other people. The following is the list of high risk groups –

The age factor – Men who have passed the 65 year point are greatly vulnerable to the condition. However with proper health maintenance age should not be a major factor.

The graph below shows the increase of risk erectile dysfunction as you age.

erectile dysfunction graph

High blood sugar – 80% of the male population having high blood sugar are in the danger zone to have problems with ED as compared to twenty two percent of adult men who never suffer from the ailment. In spite of this, it has been observed that ED can be controlled by treating diabetes.

Heredity – People having a genealogy and family history of Impotence are absolutely more prone to falling prey to the disease.

Health history – Impotence is extremely likely to strike in people who suffer from health problems such as heart diseases, high BP, obesity, nerve damage, injury to pelvic area, prostrate surgery, substance abuse, etc. Alcohol and drug abuse are also main initiators of ED.

Psychological factors – Those who are liable to a depressive disorder, tension, anxiety as well as other such factors might fall prey to Impotence also. In reality, medication prescribed for the conditions is most of the time known to influence the supply of blood to the genital.

Reduced testosterone level – Men who have inadequate testosterone levels are prone to Erection disorder also. However, that can be an unusual possibility.

There are actually more than a few symptoms of Erection disorder that may help out in diagnosing the disease. Reduction of interest in sex, reducing frequency of sex, frustration, poor intimacy with partner, poor erection, early ejaculation and even an erection which does not maintain for long can be all symptoms of ED.

One can need a blood check or use an ultrasound when trying to establish the problem. Infusion cavernosometry as well as cavernosography where a dye is applied into the penile blood capillaries as well aids in establishing the blood pressure in this area and thereby establish Erectile dysfunction. Nocturnal tumescence test can help in making certain if there is a physical reason for Impotence.

There are a number of cures which can be applied as a way to remedy Erectile dysfunction and one need not suffer with the condition forever. One can find prescription medications like The blue pill, Levitra and Cialis that are held to be efficient, though they do have problems with their unwanted effects.

Testosterone replacement as well as surgeries are obtainable for individuals who can afford it. You can find the needle injection therapy where the synthetic hormone is infused into the base of the male organ and gives a rapid erection that lasts for about an hour. There are penile pumps and penile exercises that are also considered as ED cures.

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