America No Longer The Most Obese Country!

For decades the United States Of America has been touted “The Most Obese Country In The World”. Today, that has changed according to recent findings.

The World Health Organization released a 2014 Status Report claiming that over 1.9 billion adults were found to be overweight.

Global Obesity Map In 2014

obesity world map

It would seem that the global obesity rate has been on the rise since 1980 only to double in 2014 the report stated. Over 600 million people were obese while about 1.9 billion were overweight. The report also stated that 42 million of children under age 5 were also obese. What a disconcerting report?

While the US can take a “breath of relief” that cannot be said for small countries like Samoa, Tonga and some Pacific island nations where an alarming 80% of their inhabitants were found to be obese or overweight.

In the Middle East, we have countries like Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where drastic growth of the number of obese citizens were recorded.

Believe it or not the United States Of America at position 27 with 66.3 percent of its people being overweight were overtaken by Iceland, Mexico, Chile and Turkey.

The baton of the thinnest countries of the world was taken by Ethiopia (6.1% of population) and North Korea (4.4% of population).

The Reverse Of Reality

Nutritionists, health workers and medical practitioners all agree that the single most notable cause for obesity is bad nutrition. Unhealthy foods cause obesity and this in turn leads to other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, decreased longevity and the likes.

The rise of obesity in some countries and its decrease in some advanced countries is the reality being reversed.

Obesity was considered to be the “disease of high income countries” but this has been reversed. We see it growing in the low income countries as well. Why?

The Pacific Island nations fed on naturally healthy foods fish, vegetables, fruits and meat. These food items have been (sadly to say) replaced by canned food products (fruits, meat), flour and sugar all products of the western world then washed down the throat with soft drinks and beer contrary to their traditional way of life and nutrition.

All the above mentioned unhealthy food items are the products of the most industrial nations but today more and more people in those advanced countries are becoming aware of the detrimental effects of such foods and have been making efforts to avoid them.

Today the United States is more aware of healthy food than let’s say 5 to 10 years ago.

But the fight is not over yet. There are still a great number of obese people in America. While adults are more aware and take steps to eat healthier, the younger generation still needs some enlightenment and discipline I would say.

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