Expected Health Trends In 2010

It is now the second month in the new 2010 year and some expected trends in health has been visible. Yet we are still not so sure how this trend will be come the end of the year. During the past 2009, we have witnessed dramatic changes in health, how healthy or unhealthy a society has become. From the present debate that has transpired and is still going on in the US congress about the Obama’s health care reforms to stories how this and that country has the best health care system in the whole universe and the stories go on, but where is the position of the mortal normal and ordinary citizen?

I hate politics but the saddest thing is that whatever I do and that goes for everyone of us depends on the politics of the day. Take the recent Haitian shame on man kind for instance, this shame is not on the Haitian people but on politicians wherever they may come from, Obama inclusive. The Haitians has proved that the more than 200 years of abject poverty, the havoc wroth by the Duvalier family alias my ass papa doc(all small letters) and then this the ALMIGHTY MOTHER NATURE(my respect for mothers) has not at the slightest diminished their human dignity.

This is a health blog so I will concentrate on health. In my opinion, as far as the year 2010 and years to come are concerned, the world with an accent on the developed nations such as France(the colonial masters of Haiti), the USA(the modern day occupying powers of Haiti), the Germans(the descendants of Nazi who hated blacks even those in Haiti)… Should I continue? Their duty is to put Haiti on its legs and help it to develop into a respected society. No luxury but the Haiti where every living soul can experience what it means to be a human being.

The Haitians have demonstrated to us all what the word “DIGNITY” is. Even in their worst situations these people sing, they dance. This is a lessen for the whole world. How many people from the so called developed world can withstand such hardships?

Nature at its work again
I was reading a post about the Haitian Catastrophe, I was moved. When nature strikes, it’s the poor and the homeless that suffer.

Seeing a man who survived under the rubbles for almost a month is a theme of research for scientists but the poster made a comment which is logical. Those guys are accustomed to hardship from generation to generation and the body must have developed a sort of immunity(is this the right word?) for hardships.

You and me can help
If you are reading this post and you want to help, there are sites where you can contribute and make a donation. A dollar may make a big difference in a country where the daily income is $2.

Lets Help Haiti.
CNN has a page Impact dedicated to donations towards helping Haiti. Please visit their site and make a difference in someone’s life. You will feel greater if you know that you have helped someone.

My sincere wishes that President Bill Clinton recovers as soon as possible, my gratitude to the Médecins Sans Frontières and all those who work day and night to save the lives of people.

Thanks and sorry at the same time for my rambling.

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